Can you understand how a build will look from a drawing?

We use computer aided design (CAD) drawings produced from a fully comprehensive site survey when designing a new project. Sometimes the client may already have a drawing but it is always best to check it is accurate to the building, changes do happen during the build!


This drawing shows a design we did for a reception area. Scale 1:1 in model space, this can then be scaled to standard sizes in paper space. We can print on up to size A1 here though there are plotters that will print on A0. A1 is twice A2 which is twice the size of A3.   Once the drawing has been produced in plan, we will then extrude and model a 3d space in CAD and then import it in to 3d Max and produce a 3d render.   Below is a view of the design showing the parquet floor continuing up the wall which is in the CAD drawing but difficult to visualize. The light raft has led halo lighting.   The reflections and shadows cast from the lighting are very realistic, the same realism can be produced for sunlight.


The render above shows the furniture and a different view of the reception desk. The lighting in this area is large surface mounted drum shades, this feature is mirrored in the carpet design. The production of a rendered image is a very memory and processing power hungry process. We believe in producing these 3d renders for our clients to help in their decision making.

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