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As we all look forward to a more normalised working environment this coming spring and summer, taking into account of course the ‘new normal’ of hybrid working, redesigned office spaces and accelerations in technologies that keep us connected, let’s take a look at another trend we may see more of as 2022 gets into full swing – sustainable office designs.

Sustainability is no new concept – we’ve been working towards more eco-aware daily operations for years now, but as with many behaviours, Covid-19 has precipitated an acceleration in awareness; sharpened the senses, if you will, around the fragility of the earth and its resources.

Sustainability has become a habit for many of us, from recycling as much as we can and trying to drive less to investing in greener power sources at home and in the office. But what else can we do, as office managers or business owners, to really drive forward sustainable workplaces?

Let’s start by looking at the fittings, fixtures and furnishings that make up our physical work environment…

Creating high impact colour with low environmental impact

We all like to have an office that integrates colour well, whether that’s picking colours that match our corporate branding or those that inspire a calm, productive environment. By using paints that are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) you can achieve the desired effect and hit the right notes in terms of sustainability.

Use recycled materials for your furniture

There is a plethora of eco-friendly options available when it comes to finding desks, chairs, carpets and soft furnishings. For example, desks that use recycled glass for the tops and wood from sustainable forests, chairs that are made from recycled plastics, and carpets made from sustainably-sourced fibers or even recycled materials can all go a long way to creating a sustainable workplace.

You can also go for an eclectic mix of upcycled furniture – refurbished and refreshed couches, chairs, desks, tables and accessories make for a cool, sophisticated look and feel whilst hitting all the right notes from a sustainability perspective.

Natural heating, cooling and lighting

Natural light is one of the easiest, most sustainable ways to bring about a positive energy into your workplace. Large windows, skylights, using reflective surfaces to bounce light into darker areas or installing progressive lighting systems like solartubes are highly effective methods to bring natural light into your office.

You can then add louvres and blinds to moderate light and heat accordingly, bringing about the right balance whilst minimizing impact on energy usage.

Similarly, using natural ventilation systems that bring in cooler fresh air and release CO2 in a convection cycle, or using sustainable power sources such as solar or wind to run low-energy heating and cooling systems not only increases productivity and reduces fatigue, but significantly reduces a business’s carbon footprint.

Additionally, introducing a wide array of plants into an office space will help to moderate temperature, reduce and recycle CO2 and raises the general feeling of positivity in the workplace.

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