Gone are the days when workplaces required just one department. Now, you’re likely to have professionals on multiple floors with various departments across each one.

Each role also requires different support, surroundings and ways to liaise with one another in order to fulfill their tasks for the day. A fluid design with clear signposts, therefore, is a great way to breathe personality into your work space, while simultaneously supporting your staff.

By differentiating departments through clever design, you’ll be able to portray the brand image that you aspire for, alongside inspiring your staff.

So if you’re considering an office fit out in London, here are some ways you can successfully create a workplace that adds personality to each individual area!

Signpost with Colours

Having a set colour scheme is a great way to transcend your company’s colours past the logo and branding and incorporate it into your workplace. However, this can also go one of two ways; it can create a bland atmosphere, or it can become overwhelming if your chosen colours clash.

Instead, create different zones within your office by opting for one palette for each area. This allows you the flexibility to create individual identities for each division and will signpost different areas for clients and visitors.

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Portray Your Company Ethos

Colours, furniture and soft furnishings are great ways to portray the brand image that you want to get across. We’ve already looked at ways that London’s most famous offices use their brand as a way to decorate their office, and there’s no reason that your workplace needs to be any different.

Consider the pictures on your walls, the colour of your furniture, the layout of your office, and determine how you can make it more ‘you’. Coca Cola, for instance, use their recycled bottles for their lighting.


Think Outside of the Box

It’s easy to get into the mindset of thinking about individual rooms, when in fact offices should be more flexible than that; they should mould themselves around you not the other way around.

Doors that slide open to allow for a bigger space, transparent meeting rooms so that people know when an area is free, and various stations for staff to work from should they want a change of scenery, are all ways to create a fluid atmosphere that both you and your employees will be excited about visiting each day.

If you know that you want an innovative space, but can’t seem to think of the details that really bring it all together, our creative masterminds will be able to work with you to craft the perfect office. For more information about our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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