…improve staff retention and also increase productivity, which, in turn, increases the bottom line.

Can It Be That Simple?

Well, if you think about it, most of us spend at least 40 hours per week at the office.  It has been proven that is healthy to ‘take a break’, it helps us refocus and can give renewed energy. Mingling with colleagues from time to time, in a less formal environment can result in the sharing of issues and challenges, solving work problems through collaboration … and just plain relaxing for a short while, away for the pressure, gives people the chance to recharge their batteries.

How Are Other Businesses Incorporating The Idea?

In so many different ways, with the use of break-out areas, ‘pods’, informal meeting places, …central areas with themes, it depends on the culture of the company. Your employees can use ‘break-out areas’ to catch up on some quiet time, for small meetings that don’t suit a formal meeting area, perhaps lunch, it can be used for pretty much whatever you think is suitable. A well-designed breakout space can create a positive centre to any office environment, inspiring and helping accelerate the thought process.

Legal Leaders Set Themselves Apart from Their Competitors

A forward thinking Cambridge law firm, Taylor Vinters, recently engaged us to create an informal meeting space for them; they wanted a break-out area that would truly reflect the firm’s rapidly growing reputation as a leading international law firm, the timing was perfect as it was timed to coincide with a major re-brand.

The Officescape process was applied, beginning with a great deal of discussion to produce plans for something that would meet all the criteria, give a unique feel as well as enhance business. A central hub was created for clients and staff alike to enjoy, a distinctive, inspirational space away from the typical office environment.


The Hub’ is now a successful place which engenders communication, it offers areas for agile working centrally where clients can meet informally and staff can collaborate comfortably at all levels.  With a custom coffee bar, soft seating areas and internet browsing, the mood created encourages the building of relationships with clients and colleagues alike. The opportunity to relax and enjoy good coffee, and perhaps a snack, in a relaxing and welcoming environment has proven popular with all.

We are thrilled with the final result, not only used at break times but offering multi-use space at all staffing levels, more recently used for staff presentations and social activities out of working hours, it has already proven a great success

Facilities Manager, Jane Isaacson

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