At Officescape, we’re lucky enough to be able to work on some pretty incredible projects and help some inspirational businesses make the most of the office space that they have available to them.

One such project that we were excited to be involved with was the Boston Mayflower project. Although the project wasn’t one of our most challenging, it was still a great experience to work with such an influential company in the Boston area!

Why Were We Needed?

Like many companies who are constantly growing, the time came for Boston Mayflower to move locations, and what better time to kit out a new office environment than when you are moving in?

Before we get into the project, we think it would be helpful if you understood a bit about Boston Mayflower and what their role is in society. They are a registered charity and a non profit organisation who provide support for people who are desperate to find homes by providing suitable houses in the Boston area.

With over 168 members of staff working for them, when the time came to move to their new headquarters, they understood that they needed to engage the help of a professional office specialist to make the move smooth and the resulting office perfect for their needs.

That’s where we came in here at Officescape.


The Project Overview

When we were chosen for the project, we were given six weeks to create a suitable environment for the then 150+ staff who would require seating.

The company worked alongside management and staff at Boston Mayflower to come up with the most appropriate office seating options which suited the needs and requirements of the company as closely as possible.

This meant that our bespoke furniture department were tasked with finding a solution which was not only comfortable and ergonomic enough for the staff who would be using the furniture, but which would be cost effective, too.  As a non profit charity, Boston Mayflower naturally have to be particularly budget-conscious.

We were also asked to create areas where staff could relax and take time out if needs be which kept in with the interior design of the rest of the building.


Why Officescape?

So, why was it that Boston Mayflower reached out to us here at Officescape to tackle this project?

Well, the answer is quite straightforward; we offered an economically attractive package that was in line with the beliefs and price range that Boston Mayflower were looking for. We are consistently praised for the high quality work that we produce and guarantee that the products that we create or install will last as long as you need them to.

We’re also known for being able to work to these high standards, no matter what time scale we’re given. This was especially useful to Boston Mayflower, as we only had six weeks to complete the project.

From the pictures throughout this blog, you can see just how vibrant and interesting the office looked once we had finished working on the project. We were extremely proud of what we achieved, and think that Boston Mayflower appreciated the hard work that we put in, too!

If you’d like to experience the Officescape experience and have your office transformed, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today – we’ll be more than happy to help you!

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