We’re often discussing how important office design as a whole and although we mention office furniture in passing, we’ve never really looked in depth at why good office furniture is great for your company, not only style wise but productivity wise, too!

So, can the furniture that you choose for your office really make your business better?

Desks and Desk Space

Desks are one of the most important aspects of an office, so it makes sense that it should be one of the main pieces of furniture that you are looking at investing in for your office space.

Not only do they provide a stable platform for your workers to work at, but they must provide enough space for them to use all the items that they will need to successfully complete their work. Whether this be computers, laptops, books and filing trays, you must think about the utensils that your staff will need to have access to so that they can get on with their work.

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If you don’t take this into account, you may end up with a workforce who spends more of their time away from their desks looking for these essential items rather than at their desks and being productive.

You should also think about the size of the desks that you are looking at investing in and ensuring that their size fits your space during your office space planning.


Your seating options for your staff should be the next furniture item that you look at investing in. chairs are essential in an office environment, especially when people will be in a seated position for the majority of their day.

Try to take into account how long your staff will be in their seats during the day when looking at a seating option for your workers. You need to ensure that they will be comfortable throughout the entire day in order to keep them productive and comfort should never be a luxury- it should be a key element.


Choose an option that will support your staff adequately as they sit down. This will reduce the risk of employees complaining of back, neck or leg ache, and keep them comfortable while they work, increasing their productivity.

Storage Space

Storage options are usually the pieces of furniture that are forgotten about until the very last minute, but here at Officescape, we think that they should be higher up the priority list when it comes to finding office furniture.

Finding an efficient, easy to access storage solution will keep your office from becoming cluttered, and staff will be more likely to (and have no excuse not to) file their important documents away rather than leave them in a pile on their desks.

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Furniture is an incredibly important aspect of an office and can greatly affect how productive your employees will be. Here at Officescape, we understand this importance, and are ready and willing to help you create the most productive office environment possible.

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