Here at Officescape, we specialise in turning your office into a pleasant, exciting and productive work space that will have your employees lamenting the arrival of the weekend (almost). Not all offices are as lucky as yours could be, though, as can clearly be seen in some of the working environments immortalised in film and TV. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the worst, and a couple of the best, offices gracing your screens.

Initech – Office Space

Office Space is the ultimate movie about the soul-crushing reality of life in an office. Peter Gibbons hates his job and, after a dodgy hypnosis session, decides to try his best to get himself fired. Much to his dismay, the company likes his new attitude and chooses to fire two of his best friends instead. The trio refuse to take this lying down and scheme to help themselves to a little of the company money. The Initech office is a great example of a drab and dull office that kills motivation and leaves employees feeling disillusioned with their jobs. Looks like they could have done with an Officescape touch!


Wernham Hogg – The Office

The Office is a mockumentary that follows the lives of the employees in a paper company that is under threat of downsizing. As you can imagine, the office itself is not one that exactly inspires creativity or drive; instead, employees seem to be perpetually bored, as is brilliantly demonstrated by Tim, who spends the majority of his days planning elaborate pranks on colleague, Gareth.

Metacortex – The Matrix

Thomas ‘Neo’ Anderson works in a dead end job that has led him to become bored and disenchanted. It’s not until he meets the mysterious Morpheus that things start to change, as he comes to the realisation that his whole life has been a lie. It’s not hard to see why Neo is desperate for a change of scenery when you take into account the grey, grim office in which he spends his days.

Google – The Internship

We’ve looked at some of the worst offices to ever grace our screens, now how about the best? The Internship follows the story of Nick and Billy, whose careers as salesman have been pretty much destroyed by the digital age. Now they must compete with a group of college students as they become interns at Google. The workplace is like no other, and seems more like a playground than an office. From ping-pong tables to nap pods; this is not your ordinary working environment. The best thing about the movie is the fact that parts of it were actually filmed in Google offices, and the bits that weren’t were designed to look exactly like the real thing. Now that is an office we approve of!

The Ministry of Magic – Harry Potter

While the Ministry of Magic may not be a conventional office, we can’t help but love it. From the entrance through a red telephone box, to the great fountain in the lobby, and the many mysterious offices that seem to be never-ending, this is one place of work that is guaranteed to never be boring!

Here at Officescape, we may not be able to provide you with an office that makes use of floo powder and flying post-it notes, but we can provide the perfect office design that will turn your workplace into an office that inspires creativity, productivity and enthusiasm. If you would like to learn more about how we can transform your office, don’t hesitate to contact us today by calling 01553 811833 to speak to a member of our friendly team.

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