Whether you’re totting up the hours in a cool, calm and creative loft studio, or you’re slaving away in a four-walled marigold box – you’ll have already figured out (if you’ve done the maths) that you pretty much spend just over half your life in that same place, surrounded by the same people, having the same lunch and thinking the same thoughts as you did yesterday… “What is life?”


Pretty depressing, huh? Nope. Don’t worry your hardworking little head! Here at Officescape – we’re big fans of all things office design – and have got the solution to make going to work, well, as fun as a night on the town… (Minus the girls, the alcohol and the saucy dance moves, of course!)

Okay, so we lied! Maybe a night on the disco tiles was a slight exaggeration, but it’ll definitely brighten up those moody Monday mornings when you’d rather be in bed watching Netflix. The answer? Get a little creative and jazz up your workspace. After all, creativity is the key to productivity, right?

So, whatever your office style – here are a few cheeky (and affordable) ways to transform that office from drab to fab in a dinner break. Enjoy.

Get Green With Plants, Everywhere!

If you work in an office, we’re guessing you’ve already got one or two of those poor ‘office plants’ dotted around the room that look like they’ve seen better days… So if you’re going to take our advice and get some plants – make sure you adopt these sad lads into your collection first! Plants offer plenty of benefits, so while they’re brightening the place up they’ll also purify the air. Pretty cool, eh?

We suggest a cactus, bonsai tree or even a badass Venus fly trap for ultimate workplace plant life. Cacti’s are also pretty easy to look after, so if you’re ever off on holiday and those office plant-haters forget to water ’em – they’ll still be alive and kicking when you return! Hooray.

Get Organised With A Calendar

4We’re not too sure what your office’s idea of ‘acceptable calendars’ is, so keep it classy, folks! Calendars are great for filling the nearest wall with a bit of colour and function – so go for a theme that’ll turn the 1st of the month into a highlight of your working life. Wow, payday and a new calendar image in the same week… How lucky are you?

For a theme that everyone will love? We recommend cats, everybody loves cats, well, apart from the plant (and cat) hater in the corner, of course.

Tip: Maybe leave that Ryan Gosling calendar at home though, eh? You don’t want to get distracted by those smooth abs, perfect hair, dreamy eyes, crooked smile, impeccable style… Wait, where were we? Oh yeah, calendars. Get a calendar. They’re great.

Get Quirky With Your Gadgets!

If you’ve got a pretty large desk which is currently covered by stacks of to-do lists and work lists from 2007, have a good clear out and get organised. Get yourself a few paper trays and desk shelves to store the important stuff, and with the rest of the space – get creative!

Aim to make your desk a home-from-home. Surround yourself with things you love, and things that make you happy. Yep, we’re talking pen pots, crazy post-it notes and weird and wonderful office gadgets (if you’re not sure what makes an office gadget cool – just visit IWOOT and get stocked up!) And, for the crème de la crème of all office must-haves – we recommend the lava lamp. A 90’s blast from the past that’ll make your colleagues super jealous, and give you a nice excuse to get lost in it’s beautiful bubblyness when things get a bit too stressful! Ah, lava lamps.

And there you have it, the key to loving your workplace is as simple as making it your own! Put your own stamp on the place, and you’ll soon enjoy spending the next half of your life there. But, if you’d prefer to leave it to the professionals – choose Officescape! We’re passionate about office design, and offer a unique and bespoke service that will transform your workplace from the every day, to an office fit for the big dogs.

So, for further information, or to speak to one of our creative team – please do not hesitate to contact us on  01553 811 833 today!

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