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Great Activities for your Children

During the current world crisis we know many of you are working from home with your children and loved ones.

It’s not without its challenges. I’m hungry, the cat hurt me, the TV’s stopped working, I’m bored…. the list could go on. But among the screaming and the constant questions they just want entertaining and reassuring.

It’s difficult to keep your little ones entertained when you have work to do and It’s difficult keeping some sort of normality whilst the world around us is suffering at the hands on Covid-19. We will come through this and we will have learnt a heap of things about ourselves, our children and our family and friends.

In the meantime, we want to make your new routine a little easier.

Over the next few weeks and months here are a number of great activities for your children and you to do alone and together.

List of Fun Activities

1. Go on a minibeast hunt

Spring is well and truly kicking in now, and the warmer weather will bring lots of creepy crawlies out. So get your kids out in the fresh air and take a closer look at your garden. You’ll soon notice it’s teeming with wildlife!

2. Make natural art

Art and crafts will be a popular way to keep kids busy. To mix things up, put the pencils and crayons to one side and look for natural art materials instead. Collect fallen leaves, petals and sticks and use them to make a picture or sculpture.
You could even use the objects as ‘stampers’ or paintbrushes – dipping them in paint and rolling, brushing or stamping them on paper to create interesting patterns and effects.

3. Have a picnic in the garden

Kids will soon tire of sitting around the same table for every meal, so pack up your lunch and take it outdoors. It’s a lovely way to keep mealtimes varied, and for everyone to get some fresh air.

If you don’t have a garden or it’s raining outside, have an indoor picnic on the living room floor instead.

4. Butterfly symmetry art

This craft has the wow factor! All you need is paint and some paper. Simply splodge paint on one half of your paper and fold it in half so the paint spreads on both sides. Carefully open it up to reveal a beautiful butterfly.

5. Potato Stamping

Cut the potato in half. Draw the desired shape onto the surface of the potato using a pencil or marker pen. Cut around this shape with a kitchen knife, leaving the design so it is raised on the surface of the potato. Now you’re ready to stamp anything you like.

6. Write a story

If your kids love writing, then get those creative juices flowing with a story challenge. Kick things off by giving them the first sentence and encouraging them to write the rest of the story.

7. Start an email diary

During times like this keeping a diary to look back on in years to come is a great way to keep the children entertained and your memories of the time you spent together as a family in a safe place. If you haven’t already set up an email account for each of your children. Get them to take pictures of what they have done each day and send them to their email address each day. We are all going to go a little crazy and forget what day it is. Encouraging our children to keep a note of their memories gives they great satisfaction in years to come when they can look back on everything they did. It also means your fridge isn’t covered in 29 A4 paintings at the end of each week.

8. Wash the car

Every child loves doing what mummy and daddy do. Give them a bucket of water and soft sponge and let them loose. You might want to supervise this one.

9. Paint the fence

Don’t worry we aren’t suggesting you give a 5 years old fence paint and let them loose. Put some water in a tub and give them a paint brush if you want to add a bit more fun put a few blobs of washing up liquid in the tub too.

10. Camping

Whilst you can’t go on holiday there is nothing stopping you from bringing the holiday to you. If you have a tent put it up. Kit it out and get cozy with nature for a few nights.

11. Send postcards to friends and family

We can’t see loves ones we don’t live with which means our only means of contact is telephone, internet or good old-fashioned writing. Make a postcard from art materials, write a nice message and pop in the post box during your next exercise opportunity. Put a smile on grandma’s face and give your best friend a surprise they never expected. Now is a great time to show everyone around us just how much we care about them.

12. Egg race

Boil up some eggs and allow them to cool. Everyone gets an egg to decorate, paint, glitter, feathers, anything you fancy. It’s your egg. Once they have all dried your ready to race. Set up on the grass or a sheet in the house a start and finish line. Everyone gets on their hands a knee’s and blows their egg on the count of 3. This can be played multiple time and you can even eat your egg after if you like. How eggciting.

13. Exercise

Create and obstacle course throughout the house. Your imagination is your only limitation. When we play we start in the kids bedrooms and their first task is to get dressed. Along they way they wash their hands and face. They must bob for an apple. They star jump off the sofa. They use their imagination and swim across the carpet. You can do anything, anywhere. Just remember to stay safe!

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