In case you weren’t already aware, at Officescape, we specialise in refurbishing and transforming offices, creating incredible working environments that make coming to work an exciting prospect. We know it sounds crazy, but we believe that something as simple as an office refurbishment can have a massive, positive influence on your working environment and the satisfaction of your employees. But if you’re still on the fence about whether your office needs a bit of a face lift, here are some of the tell-tale signs that suggest your workspace could do with a little tlc.

You Have Miserable Employees

Are your employees crossing off the days on their calendar until Friday? Do your workers arrive as late as they can and leave as early as possible? Is morale low? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it could be time to give us a call! The working environment has a huge effect on the staff who work in it. If your office is a dull and drab place, chances are, your staff are going to start to feel the same way. Adding colour, new furniture and a comfortable breakout area can be all it takes to get your employees motivated.

Things are Starting to Fall Apart

If you’ve got wonky desks, creaky chairs, grotty carpets and trailing wires, it’s probably time for a change. Not only does it look unprofessional to any visitors, but you’re also likely to have staff that feels underappreciated and unmotivated. Instead of getting into an endless cycle of quick fixes, it’s a good time to give your office that makeover it so desperately needs.

Group of Business People Working on an Office Desk

You’re an Exciting Company with a Boring Office

We’ve worked with some incredibly exciting clients who have fantastic businesses so they deserve an equally amazing office. When you have clients or investors visiting your office, you want to be proud of your workspace and leave them impressed. A basic cubicle style office floor just isn’t going to cut it, so if you want your office to reflect who you are as a business, it may be time for a fit out.

The Competition is Fierce

The business world is an odd place where something as simple as an attractive reception area can give a competitor the upper hand. In some industries, your clients will be considering a vast range of businesses just like yours and will be looking for a defining feature that sets you apart from the rest. If you’re dealing with a lot of competition from other companies, a new office design could make a world of difference as it displays the fact that you are modern, creative and stylish.

Your Business is Growing

If your company is growing, congratulations! Now for the most exciting part – it looks like it’s time to refurbish the office! As you continue to grow, you’re going to need more space to accommodate for the extra staff. Take this opportunity to invest back into your business and upgrade your working environment to something a little more suitable for such a successful company.

Here at Officescape LLP, we believe that an office fit out can do wonders for your business, so whatever your reason, we would be very happy to help you out! If you would like to know a bit more about any of our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today by calling 01553 811 833 to speak to a member of our friendly team.

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