When a business is planning for a new office, the managers will often discuss what they want between themselves before contacting an office fit out company just like us. There are usually a few people involved in the decision making but it is rare that all the employees are asked what they want. Because they make up most of the people that will be working in an office, it is strange that these people have the least say in what they’re getting. This often leads to workforces feeling unimportant in an office they don’t like anyway. As office design experts, we know a thing or two about what employees want in their offices and we’ll share some of these with you today.


Customised Departments

An accountant and a website designer don’t use the same tools to work, so why should they have to sit in carbon copies of each other’s offices? Some departments call for collaboration, whereas some require quiet individual thought. Taking each department’s requirements into consideration when you’re designing your office is a good way to let employees know that they’re important while also improving productivity.

Communal Areas

When you’re employees are on their break or lunch they don’t want to be thinking about work. If you have a communal area that is just a copy of your office but with a sofa and a kettle, it may as well just be another office. Having a communal space that is totally different from your offices will allow your employees to completely get away from work on their break, meaning they’ll return to their desks even more productive.

Natural Light

You may think that all light is the same but that’s not true at all. Artificial light is often either too dim or too harsh, it’s difficult to strike a happy medium. Dim lighting can cause eye strain and headaches, whereas harsh lighting causes drowsiness and a lack of focus, all of which detract from an employee’s happiness and productivity. Natural light is a far superior option and should always be favoured where possible.

Bullpens Next To Windows

In the generic office design that is often applied to many office spaces, offices are placed around the exterior of the building along the windows, with bullpens in the centre. While this means that executives get the corner offices they want, it means that the majority of workers are stuck in the middle of a room with little light. Having the offices in the centre and the bullpens around the exterior of this will still allow light into offices and stop bullpens being a dark and claustrophobic place.

You’re now set with some ideas about how to make your office more employee friendly, which should lead to happier employees and a better productivity.

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