When it comes to branding, most companies already know just how important it is to give themselves a strong identity which can be shared with customers in the outside world, however sometimes the actual workplace is left relatively untouched- after all, your employees already know all about the brand that they’re working for, right?

It’s actually incredibly important that you also give your office and other work spaces a very strong brand identity; here are our top 3 reasons to make it the next thing on your to do list.

Show Off to Visiting Clients

Sometimes, your clients and potential clients are going to come by to take a look at how things run, and when they do your brand needs to be everywhere. A bland office with no real atmosphere simply won’t conjure up the sense that you’re the best at what you do – you could be giving the most incredible sales pitch of your life, but if your setting isn’t reinforcing the message then you’re starting off at a disadvantage.

The simple fact is, people want to be able to feel that you really care about what you do, and if your office is full of life – artwork which reflects your brand, personal items which illustrate the personality and the talents of employees – then they will believe in you a whole lot more.


Attract New Talent

This applies more to branding the outside of your office, to give the world a sense of who you are as it passes by your door. If you’re the best at what you do, and the exterior of your building reflects this, then other top talent in your industry will be intrigued enough to pop by and offer their talents.

Any business can benefit from being in a position where the best minds of the business are coming to you with a desire to work for you and share your company purpose.

Group of Business People Working on an Office Desk

Create a Sense of Community

The best businesses operate as well oiled machines, and the best way to make this happen is to ensure that the staff feel a sense of community and cohesion when they turn up to work in the morning, with a clear idea of what you’re building towards.

You can achieve this by filling your office with things that reinforce your company’s identity – branded promotional gifts from EMC Ad Gifts, for instance, aren’t just for giving out to clients, they’re also for your own employees to use. This ensures that the entire office maintains the same sense of who they are as a team.

We hope that we’ve convinced you to build company branding into your next office design; if you would like some help from the experts then we would love to get involved with your project! You can contact Officescape today, online or at 01553 811 833, and benefit from our experience and professional know-how.

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