Committing to a brand new office interior design can be a pretty daunting process, especially if this is your first time re-designing your office space.

As experts in office fit outs, we generally know what to expect and what areas are focused on the most. Whether you are a new office newbie or a seasoned fit out pro, there are certain aspects of a office revamp that need focusing on that many companies don’t realise can be included in their fit out.

If you want to make your office refurbishment a success, take a look at our three office fit out tips!

We Need To Know About Your Business Too

It’s all well and good telling us the exact specifications of the design that you want for your office, but we also need to know a bit about your company too.

In order to make the perfect office interior that suits the specific needs of your business, we will need to have some sort of breakdown of what your company entails, such as staff numbers, what departments you have in place and what these specific departments require.

The more we can understand about your company, the easier it will be for us to design an office space that suits your business and its needs perfectly.


Don’t Forget About the Toilets

They aren’t the most glamorous places to think about, but many businesses don’t realise how important the design of the toilets are when it comes to an office environment.

Although your employees wont (or at least shouldn’t) be spending an extended amount of time in the bathroom, it’s always nice to enter a nicely designed bathroom than a dull, dare we say bog standard, clinical looking room.

Incorporate some of your colour scheme into your bathrooms to match the look and feel of the rest of your office. After all, it is the same building; your workers should still feel like they are still in their work environment, even when they have to use the bathroom!

Keep Your Employees Involved

Any work that goes on in your office environment is going to directly affect the employees that work in it. We’re not just referring to the disruption that it will cause during the re-fit; the entire design of the refurbishment is going to change the way that people get on with their work.

To avoid any conflict or confusion when the fit out process begins, it’s always advisable to appoint one of your staff members from each department as a spokesperson for the staff in those areas of your business.

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They will be responsible for relaying any information about the fit out to the other employees, ask questions on their behalf and relay the answers back to the staff.

This way, all staff will be kept informed of the change so that they can adequately prepare for the changes that the office is about to undergo.

Office refurbishments don’t have to be a stressful situation. In fact, it can be an exciting time for many businesses, especially those who have been stuck with an outdated, inadequate office space for many years!

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