Law offices everywhere are always looking to boost their productivity and increase their efficiency, and one of the ways they can do this is by fostering collaboration between employees which, in turn, can be associated with the very design of the office. This means that there are plenty of design tips that can improve a law office’s business, especially one that is located in London, where square footage can be expensive and has to be maximised.

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Reception Area

One of the most important places for a law firm is the reception area as it’s the first impression clients have of your business. As a way to make them feel welcome and comfortable in your office, you can opt for a less traditional approach and transform your reception space into a lounge-type area. By having a colourful and comforting space to relax while they wait, clients will feel more at ease, so we think that a contemporary office can benefit greatly from a hospitality-inspired look.

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Open Spaces

Although opinions vary on the matter, turning your space into an open-plan office can bring several advantages to a law office. Besides allowing your business to save on the costs of floor space and construction, this layout also fosters relationships, improves the cooperation between employees and increases the sense of comradeship.

An open space lets younger junior lawyers see how their more experienced colleagues work, which can lead to an enhancement of the productivity levels in the younger members of the team, and can promote a better team feeling between everyone.


Lawyers work long hours, so having to spend them in a place with very little natural light can lead to feelings of claustrophobia. As this lack of lighting is not conducive to the right frame of mind, poorly lit offices may experience a lack of productivity.

A good way to bypass this problem is to have plenty of natural light but, if that’s not feasible, we recommend glass walls that let more light in and also give the idea of the space being bigger than it actually is. It might not be same as looking out of a window, but it helps eliminate the feeling of being in an enclosed room.It also allows for eye contact and the opportunity to connect to people, so your employees won’t feel isolated.

Small layout changes can make a world of difference in your office, from increasing your employees’ productivity to promoting cooperation. If you have a law office in London and would like to know more about turning it into the best space it can be to ensure maximum productivity and employee satisfaction, get in touch with us or give us a call on 01553 811 833. To keep up to date with our latest news, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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