There’s an old proverb that we’re all probably very familiar with and it goes a little something like this; “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Although this generally refers to the fact that having no time off from work makes a person dull and bored, it can easily be applied to the office space that a person works in, too.

Break out areas are often installed in offices to give the employees an environment where they can relax a little while being at work. Whether it’s taking time out during the day to just step out of the office and work on their project in peace or to sit and eat their lunch in comfort; break out rooms are a great addition to any office space.

Here are 3 features that will make these areas the most popular with your employees:

Comfortable seating and tables

#1 Comfortable seating and plenty of tables

People will visit a breakout area for a variety of reasons, but you can bet that they will need some form of surface available to them. Whether they want to sit and eat their dinner or get some work done, you’ll need to make sure there’s enough tables for your employees to use. They’re also great for encouraging communication between your employees; make your tables big enough and you’ll see a drastic increase in the communication and collaboration of your staff, both in working hours and when they’re taking a break, too!


#2 Make it different to your office

Although it can be quite tempting to keep the same theme throughout your whole office, it’s important to make your break out area visibly different to ensure that your employees are able to differentiate between formal work areas and more relaxing rooms. Disconnecting from the workplace is something that many people want to do while they’re allowed to take a break and it’s often the reason that people will head out of the office at lunch time; to surround themselves in a different environment that doesn’t look or feel like work. Make the break out area completely unique in decoration and design, and we guarantee your workers will feel more refreshed after that one hour lunch break!

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#3 Provide refreshments

Although this isn’t necessarily to do with the design of your break out room, it’s important that you keep your staff refreshed and hydrated while they are at work. Complementary coffee and tea is a common site in a variety of office break rooms, and it’s not that expensive to provide, either. You don’t need to get a fancy coffee machine that can create a wide range of drinks; just nip down to your local shop and pick up some decent coffee, tea, sugar and milk! Not only will your employees appreciate that they don’t have to pay out for an overpriced high street store coffee, but you’ll be helping increase their alertness and focus, too!

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