What Does Your Reception Area Really Say About Your Company?

Reception and Waiting Area

The first thing any customer sees and the last impression in their mind when they leave is your reception area. Correctly utilised – a refurbishment of your reception area can make a powerful, engaging and valuable statement about your company.

Are you a young, energetic and creative company that embraces change? You may be a long established financial organisation that wants to create a feeling of strength and longevity, your design of reception area needs to reflect the image you want to achieve.

Do First Impressions Count That Much?

From education and the leisure industry to finance and the corporate sector, whether informal or formal, first impressions are known to count for a great deal.

On average visitors spend anywhere between five and fifteen minutes in the reception area when visiting clients, they will go away with a lasting image and, rightly or wrongly, an impression of your Company based upon the way they were greeted by your receptionist and by initial impressions of the surroundings.

Ideally, your reception area will offer a warm welcome with a clear entrance and exit, a comfortable place to wait and an opportunity to observe; with everything geared to creating a clear, positive and impressive sense of your organisation for your visitors.

Recent trends for ‘agile’ working are being reflected in many reception areas becoming a much more sociable space and fulfilling greater use of available areas.

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